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Timeless Cartridge (NOIR) 1g Kosher Kush

A photograph of Timeless Cartridge (NOIR) 1g Kosher Kush

Description: Introducing Kosher Kush - a sophisticated strain that transcends your senses to a world of refreshing scents and flavors. This carefully curated flavor encapsulates the unique heritage of an 80% Indica strain and 20% Sativa strain, producing a relaxing and balanced experience. Flavor Profile: Kosher Kush showcases a vibrant blend of flavors. The top notes feature a burst of fresh lemon and herbs. As the flavor deepens, the bottom notes of pine and spice emerge, leaving a lasting impression with their rich, earthy tones. Enhanced with Paradise OG from True Terpenes - Live Resin, the flavors of Kosher Kush acquire a further dimension of complexity.

  • Net contents: 1g
  • Potency: 80.31% THC*
  • Blend: Indica
  • Per case: 12