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Nasha Orange Unpressed 1.2g Cherry Dosido

A photograph of Nasha Orange Unpressed 1.2g Cherry Dosido

Cultivated by Clear Water Farms - Homegrown under the Humboldt Sun. The Clear Water Farms is a member of the Uplift Co-operative which is owned entirely by independent legacy farmers and was the first cannabis cooperative post-legalization. Its mission is to ensure the success and viability of Mattole Valley's small cannabis farms so you can taste the traditional flavor of artisanal, Humboldt buds. Cherry Dosi, also known as 'Cherry Dosidos,' is a hybrid weed strain made by crossing Phantom Cookies with Dosidos. The flavor of Cherry Do-Si-Dos tastes like apples, berries, and lime. The effects of Cherry Do-Si-Dos are reported to feel balancing, relaxing, creative, and tingly.This strain is ideal for late afternoon or early evening enjoyment.

Ingredients: hash

  • Net contents: 1.2g
  • Potency: 57.90% THC*
  • Per case: 15