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Chemistry Cartridge 1g Fatso

A photograph of Chemistry Cartridge 1g Fatso

Get ready for some serious couch lock with this heavy indica hybrid from Esensia Gardens. A cross between the gassy GMO Cookies and Legend OG strains, Fatso will slow you down with its euphoric high. This funky, fuel-tasting indica is high in THC and great for anyone looking to reduce insomnia or stress.

Our 510 vape cartridge extracts are made with the choicest small batch, sun grown cannabis. We refer to our carts as the flower smokers cart. 100% cannabis, full spectrum extracts that capture the nuance of each strain.

  • Net contents: 1g
  • Potency: 742.70% THC*
  • Blend: Indica Hybrid
  • Per case: 20