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Albert Einstone's
AE El Bluntito 4pk Ice Cream Cake

A photograph of AE El Bluntito 4pk Ice Cream Cake

What's better than getting invited to Sally Nielsen's laser tag birthday party, beating all the 8th graders for a new high score, and polishing off your victory with a crisp slice of Baskin-Robbins blue and white ice cream cake? Well, nothing. But this divine Ice Cream Cake strain might just be the next best thing. This strain tastes like cool, sugary, creamy vanilla and features a full body high, making it perfect for relaxation as well as stress and pain relief. And like with most great desserts, or laser tag parties, you'll be ready for a good night's sleep afterward.

Contains 4 x 0.75g of full flower nugs, broken down by hand (never ground), hand rolled in tobacco-free all-natural hemp wraps, finished with custom glass filter tips, and encased in a re-sealable glass jar.

  • Net contents: 3g
  • Blend: Indica Hybrid
  • Per case: 16