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Albert Einstone's
AE GOLD El Bluntito Sativa Mandarin Cookies .75g

A photograph of AE GOLD El Bluntito Sativa Mandarin Cookies .75g

After a long day and/or paired with a delicious meal, this strain will place you, at least spiritually, in a rustic cabin chock full of blankets, beverages, and a crackling fire. With sweet citrus and diesel flavors that some describe as earthy-orange, Mandarin Cookies gives a sedating, calming high. This mini cannabis cigarillo is perfect for an afternoon walk or for an after-dinner digestif.

Contains 0.75g of full flower nugs, broken down by hand (never ground), wrapped in a tobacco-free all-natural hemp wrap, and encased in a re-sealable glass tube.

  • Net contents: 0.75g
  • Potency: 27.27% THC*
  • Blend: Sativa Hybrid
  • Per case: 45